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litegeist is a full service lighting design company located in Los Angeles, CA.


litegeist provides thoughtful, resourceful and dynamic lighting design for arts, events and entertainment.

We believe that bold and distinctive lighting is essential in creating strong brands, memorable experiences, and unforgettable content.

We use light to create environments that support the unique creative and logistical goals of each project and that resonate with the human experience.

Light is felt as much as it is seen. Crafting the experience of light is at the heart of what we do.

        but if you say 'make it pretty'...we can do that too.

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Great design begins with a conversation! litegeist collaborates closely with the entire team to ensure that the lighting design serves the unique logistical and creative goals of each project


With our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technology, we design within the creative and budgetary guidelines of each project to deliver lighting that adds demonstrable value and beauty to the experience.


litegeist works with a crackerjack team of vendors and support staff to realize the design. From the first napkin sketch to the last case on the truck, we are there every step of the way.



Lighting design for theatre

Lighting design for dance

Lighting design for music

Lighting design for live events

Lighting design for broadcast / camera

Lighting design for corporate entertainment

Lighting design for activations

Lighting design for esports

Lighting design for trade show booths

Lighting design for retail and architecture

Lighting design for VR/XR experiences

Living room lighting advice (never unsolicited)


Lighting Direction

Lighting Programming

3D Rendering and Modeling

Lighting Previsualization

Studio Consultation

Systems Consultation

Fixture Specification


(Kickass recipes upon request)



Clients & Collaborators


Events & Broadcast


Warner Bros
STX Entertainment
The Hard Rock Cafe
NHL Gaming

Allied Esports
Center Theatre Group
Kaiser Permanente

Arts & Entertainment

Center Theater Group
The Broad Stage
Rogue Machine
Circle X
The Fountain Theatre
Theatre of Note
Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities
Company of Angels
The Vagrancy
Theatre Forty
Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival
Vanguard Repertory Theatre
The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble
The Neighborhood Playhouse
Wicked Lit
The Madrid Theatre
and others
Nick deGruccio, Larry Raben, Lee Martino, Richard Israel, Gerry McIntyre, Jessica Hanna, Stephen Sachs, Jennifer Chambers, Kevin Kern, John Flynn, Bruce Gray, Jules Aaron, Caitlin Hart, Jeffrey Hayden, August Viverito, Jen Bloom, and many others.
LA Contemporary Dance Company
Lula Washington Dance Theatre
Troupe Vertigo
Viver Brasil
Royal Flux
Keshet Chaim
Company Rhome 
 Navarasa Dance Theatre
Rhapsody in Taps
 Theatre Bethune
and others
Lula Washington
Rennie Harris
Genevieve Carson
Doriana Sanchez
Marinda Davis
Jaci Royal
Frit and Frat Fuller
Aloysia Gavre
Stephanie Zaletel
Micaela Taylor
Fresh Redding
Nicole Berger
Terri Best
Yusuf Nasir
Dasha Tertova
Laurel Jenkins
Mecca Andrews
Andrew Pearson
Matt Cady
Louise Reichlin
Zina Bethune
and others
The Bird and the Bee
Alicia Keys
Rod Stewart
The Vitamin String Quartet
Seun Kuti
Alanis Morrisette​
Cyndi Lauper
Judy Collins
Barbara Morrison
Patrice Rushen
Kamasi Washington
The Klezmatics
The Fishtank Ensemble
Lea Salonga
Esperanza Spalding
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
National Children's Chorus
Kenny Endo
Mamak Kedem
Katia Moraes
Waldamar Bastos
and more
World Festival of Sacred Music
Grand Performances
The Pasadena Jazz Institute
Designers: Fabian Yeager, Bruce Ferri, John Torres, Matt Gordon, Brite Ideas, Kinetic Lighting, and others.

Who We Are

Ric Zimmerman
Ric Zimmeman lighting designer, lighting programmer, lighting director Los Angele


Ric Zimmerman, principal designer of litegeist, hails from and occasionally works in Los Angeles, where he has literally actually survived multiple earthquakes. Fascinated with the power of light from a young age (his second word was 'light'--seriously), Ric has expanded his horizons from judiciously aiming the track lights in people's homes to judiciously aiming lights across the continental US and internationally in his quest to create beautiful and dynamic environments where people look great and cool stuff happens! 


With humble beginnings in high school theatre and public access television, Ric has been designing lighting for nearly twenty years and his work has come to encompass many different creative forms, from contemporary dance to corporate theatre and runs the stylistic gamut from cinematic realism to shocking, abstract expressionism. A lifelong pianist and composer, Ric's musical background and training is inseparable from his identity as an artist and designer and a sense of musicality and rhythm is at the foundation of all of his work, whether it be carefully cuing lights to a song or considering the desired pacing of an event or moving through a space.

Ric is a frequent advocate for asymmetry, unconventional or low-tech solutions, and the use of practical and integrated lighting in his designs. He is wholeheartedly invested in energy efficient and green lighting solutions in both entertainment and architectural lighting.

Ric has twice been honored as Lighting Designer of the Year by StageSceneLA. He received his B.A. in Music Composition from Loyola Marymount University. He programs GrandMA2/3, EOS and HOG, plays piano and cooks irresistible peasant fare.


Ric lives in Northeast LA with his eternally patient partner Ben, two'ish adorable cats, and a bunch of baffling, drought-tolerant plants.

David Patrick, Hilda Kane, Brandon Baruch, Matt Miller, Matt Schumacher, Corey Williams

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