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litegeist principal designer Ric Zimmerman hails from and occasionally works in Los Angeles, where he has literally actually survived multiple earthquakes. Fascinated with the power of light from a young age (his second word was 'light'--seriously), Ric has expanded his horizons from judiciously aiming the track lights in people's homes to judiciously aiming lights across the continental US and internationally in his quest to create beautiful and dynamic environments where people look great and cool stuff happens! 


With humble beginnings in high school theatre and public access television, Ric has been designing lighting for nearly twenty years and his work has come to encompass many different creative forms, from contemporary dance to corporate theatre and runs the stylistic gamut from cinematic realism to shocking, abstract expressionism. A lifelong pianist and composer, Ric's musical background and training is inseparable from his identity as an artist and designer and a sense of musicality and rhythm is at the foundation of all of his work, whether it be carefully cuing lights to a song or considering the desired pacing of an event or moving through a space.

Ric is a frequent advocate for asymmetry, unconventional or low-tech solutions, and the use of practical and integrated lighting in his designs. He is wholeheartedly invested in energy efficient and green lighting solutions in both entertainment and architectural lighting.

Ric has twice been honored as Lighting Designer of the Year by StageSceneLA. He received his B.A. in Music Composition from Loyola Marymount University. He programs GrandMA2/3, EOS and HOG, plays piano and cooks irresistible peasant fare.


Ric lives in Northeast LA with his eternally patient partner Ben, two'ish adorable cats, and a bunch of baffling, drought-tolerant plants.

call: 310-896-5013  I  email:  info@litegeist.com

1607 N. El Centro Avenue, Suite #6

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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