litegeist provides thoughtful, resourceful and dynamic lighting design for arts, architecture and entertainment.

We believe that bold and distinctive lighting design is essential in creating strong brands, memorable experiences, and unforgettable content.

We use light to create environments that support the unique creative and logistical goals of each project and that resonate with the human experience.

Light is felt as much as it is seen. Crafting the experience of light is at the heart of what we do.

        but if you say 'make it pretty'...it's happenin'!


 We believe dialogue is essential in realizing the perfect design for a client's vision. Our core values are:


strong looks that tell a story


enduring images that photograph well


musicality and rhythm


theatrical ingenuity

playfulness and wonder​

authenticity and comfort



Lighting Direction

Lighting Programming

3D Rendering and Modeling

Lighting Previsualization

Studio Consultation

Systems Consultation

Fixture Specification


(Kickass recipes upon request)


lighting design for theatre

lighting design for dance

lighting design for music

lighting design for live events

lighting design for broadcast / on-camera content

lighting design for corporate entertainment

lighting design for activations

lighting design for esports

lighting design for trade show booths

lighting design for retail and architecture

lighting design for VR/XR experiences

living room lighting advice (never unsolicited)

litegeist works with a crackerjack team of vendors, designers, directors and support crew to bring the vision to life.


immersive environments

magic and mystery

unconventional light sources

esports and gaming

interactive installations


custom fixtures

low tech solutions

virtual reality / augmented reality (XR)

call: 310-896-5013  I  email:  info@litegeist.com

1607 N. El Centro Avenue, Suite #6

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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